Rental conditions

Conditions of renting a holiday home

1. Arrival and Departure
Most changeovers are on Saturday. The rental property is available from 16:00. We request that you arrive between 16:00 and 18:00. If this is not possible, please advise Quality Estates well in advance of your estimated time of arrival. If you do not advise us before 10.00 on the day of arrival that your arrival time is after 18:00, there will be an additional charge. On the day of departure, you must vacate the property before 10:00.

2. Reservations
All reservations are binding. Once your reservation is confirmed, we will send you confirmation by email. This will contain the rental agreement which will require your signature.

3. Prices
The use of sheets, pillowcases, towels and tea towels are included in the quoted price (for cleaning costs). This also applies to the use of gas, water and electricity at the residence, with the exception of excessive use of these utilities Quality Estates will invoice the renter. If there is a gas stove in the house, the first gas bottle is included.

4. Number of People
The rent is based on the available beds in the villa or apartment. Usually there is room for multiple guests. For an extra person over and above the stated number, we charge, depending on the villa, a surcharge per person. Children under 2 years are not counted as a tenant. Administration costs are 30€, – per booking. If upon arrival or during the stay of the tenants in the villa it is ascertained that more people than the number of persons stated on the contract are staying in the villa, this will be penalized or can lead to eviction, especially when the total number of persons exceeds the maximum mentioned in the villa description.

5. Payment
The first payment of 25% of the contract must be paid within 5 working days upon receiving the contract by credit card. We request you to sign the document and return it to us (either by e-mail or postal services). The remainder of the rent (75% of the contract) must be paid at least 8 weeks before the start of the rental period.

For bookings within 8 weeks of the start of the rental period, the total amount must be paid in full. For bookings at short notice (within 3 weeks before the rental period), please pay immediately upon receipt of confirmation / invoice via telephone or electronic transfer. You will need to provide Quality Estates Renting proof of transfer by email or fax.

Payments to: Quality Estates S.L.
Bank: CAIXABANK, Sant Antoni de Calonge
IBAN: ES0421005703400200072909

6. Deposits
The deposit is paid in advance. The amount of the deposit is stated in the contract. If there is anything damaged or broken during your stay, this must be comunicated by evidence to Qualiy Estates during the first 24 hours, the costs will be deducted from your deposit. We can than take the necessary steps to repair or replace the damaged object(s). If you do not report the damage you will risk extra charges and taxes to be deducted from your deposit. If no damage has occurred, the reimbursement of the deposit will take place within 14 days after departure. If damage or extra payments have to be deducted from the deposit, the handling time may exceed the 14 day period, N.B.: handling costs and IVA will be calculated. The villa will be checked before your arrival. If you, none the less, observe damage upon or soon after your arrival, you have to report this immediately to us. This is to prevent that the damage will be charged to you. Small damage like breakage of glassware and/or crockery is best to be resolved by yourself.

7. Cancellations

Cancellations must be in writing. Quality Estates Renting will confirm receipt of cancellation. Up to 8 weeks before the rental period, the cancellation fee is 25% of the rent. If cancelled within 8 to 4 weeks prior to the rental period, the cancellation fee is 100%. To insure against this possibility, it is advisable to buy cancellation insurance in addition to your usual travel insurance.

8. Cancellation by Quality Estates
If due to circumstances outside of its control, Quality Estates cancels your reservation, they will provide another rental accommodation of a similar type and price. Failing this, Quality Estates will refund any money that’s already paid. This is done without compensation for any additional expenses whatsoever.

9. Pools
For use of pools with pool heating, there is an additional charge of 15,- € per day. It is forbidden to use glassware near the pool. *Reminder; take a shower before/after going in/out.

10. Pets
In some houses it is permitted to bring your pet. This costs 25,00€ per pet, per week, as it for instance entails additional cleaning. On the website you will see which houses allow pets.
Quality Estates reserves the right to deny you access to the property in case you didn’t let us know the total pets. In the event of ascertaining in a later stage that a pet (not registered in the contract) is staying in the villa, the tenants and pet(s) can be evicted.

11. Cleaning
The cleaning costs are calculated in the renting contract, these are extra costs besides the rental amount. These costs will be calculated depending on villa or group size and varies between € 170,00 and € 270,00. You should ensure that no rubbish is left in the house, the dishwasher is emptied, the grill, oven and microwave are clean and the bedding you have used is stowed in one place. If you have not complied with the above rules, *Quality Estates reserves the right to deduct the additional costs from the deposit paid by you.

12. Water, Gas and Electricity
In times of drought, especially in villages during the summer months, the supply of water can be cut off for varying lengths of time (per day). The flow of electricity can also be off for several hours during emergencies. Quality Estates cannot be held responsible for this at any time.

13. Complaints
If despite our careful selection and regular monitoring there are still problems, the tenant must report their complaint during the first 24 hours to the rental department at Quality Estates so that we can take appropriate action. The early exit from the property, without prior consultation or mutual agreement, relieves Quality Estates of any responsibility for compensation. Complaints not satisfactorily resolved can be reported to us in writing no later than 48 hours after the rental period.

14. Burglary
The tenant is responsable for theft and damage of the contents due to non-closing of the windows and doors by absence, the tenant is liable for the damage suffered.

15. Liability
During the rental period, the tenant is liable for the home and all things that belong to the rented property. Any damaged noticed by the tenant must be reposted to Quality Estates immediatly, if not reported it will be under liability of the tenant. Any damage by the tenant or joint tenants should immediately be reported to Quality Estates and be reimbursed by the tenant. Quality Estates cannot be held responsible by the tenant for accident / injury / damage caused during the rental period. If the tenants are causing nuisance to the neighbourhood, they will be warned once, in case of recurrence, the consequence will be forfeit of deposit or even eviction.

16. WIFI:
All our villas have a WIFI connection. However, depending on the provider and/or location of the villa, the speed and ultimate quality cannot be guaranteed by us.

17. Smoking:
Smoking is prohibited in all villas. Smoking outside is permitted, however, we advise to use water filled ashtrays (fire risk), we expect the tenants to clean up the ashtrays before departure. Cigarette butts found in or around the pool, or in the garden will be penalized with a deduction on the deposit.

18. Objects lost and found:
If a tenant loses or inadvertently leaves behind (in or around the villa) one or more (valuable) object(s), we will do our utmost to retrieve/locate the object(s). We will inform the tenant and inquire how to proceed. The possible ensuing handling and postal costs will be calculated.

19. Eviction
In cases of eviction the tenants have forfeited their right on a refund.
The above conditions are meant to protect both the interests and rights of the owners as well as the interests and rights of the tenants and subsequent tenants. The above conditions will also enable Quality Estates to maintain a high standard of hygiene and comfort throughout the rental season.

This website is designed and monitored with the greatest care. Quality Estates accept no liability whatsoever resulting from any inconvenience caused by last minute changes outside of their knowledge or control.